More companies and individuals are turning to electronic signature solutions to ease the burden of having to force clients and colleagues to sign paper documents in person. There are many different e-signature services available, and they all have contrasting ways of dealing with clients. Signature companies such as DocuSign, Adobe EchoSign, PDF Sign&Seal, eSignoff and … Read more

With the exploding growth of the internet, multiple platforms have burst onto the scene, including within the financial market. Lending Club is just such a platform. It works with a twist. By attracting investors as well as borrowers, Lending Club effectively provides a matching service between the two. The concept, called peer-to-peer lending, is a … Read more

For every business that exists, bookkeeping is an important requirement that has to be done and fulfilled. A business usually comes with various transactions that take place during its daily operations. These transactions need to be recorded in a very accurate and orderly manner so that everything is seen in the right place and proper … Read more